Personal Playlist by Iris (26 August 2016) — Grendel HeadQuarters

My latest playlist was next month, so it’s time for a new one! This playlist also contains some FREE music downloads, yippehyayeeeh! Here are some albums I’m listening to lately…(go click on the link below to see all the albums!)

via Personal Playlist by Iris (26 August 2016) — Grendel HeadQuarters

Must have album: TILT – Hinterland (2016) — Grendel HeadQuarters

In early May, I received an email from a certain guy named Steve Vantsis. He asked if I was interested in reviewing his album that was going to be released in late June. Not knowing who Steve was, I was interested in this album he was talking about. I should be ashamed, because I didn’t know that Steve is the bassist of Fish’s band! Stupid me! … Anyway, let’s talk about the album! Continue reading “Must have album: TILT – Hinterland (2016) — Grendel HeadQuarters”