The Elf King On Youtube: Thoughts???

The Elf King, Tom Timely, has finally released his new (old?) single on Youtube.  Previously, I’d only found it on Facebook.  Glad to see it more accessible.

Here’s what he wrote about it:

I’ve been a prog fan, perhaps the ULTIMATE prog fan for many years. In the 80’s I had a band called “The Elf King” but we never made it to the studio. Decades later I’ve finally recorded my first track, The Elf King which will hopefully later become the title track for my first album, The Elf King. It is my belief that music can literally transport you back in time, and that is what I am attempting with this recording. Remind yourself of an earlier time over and over…until it becomes your reality. Think of the things you could do if you had the key to unlock the past….You could change things! Some call it nostalgia, I call it the key. Check out my song and see if it takes you back.