Wilson & Wakeman: Delicate Vigor

wilson and wakeman
Not in the least what I expected, but absolutely what I needed.

Being a rather huge (gargantuan?) admirer of Damian Wilson–especially his work with Arjen Lucassen–and, most especially, in his [headspace] collaboration with Adam Wakeman (another favorite), I eagerly preordered and helped crowd fund the new Wilson & Wakeman album, “The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour.”

The CD landed on my doorstep from Germany last week.  With Wilson, Wakeman, and such a Crimson-esque title, I was expecting a scorching experimental prog metal masterpiece of galactic proportions.

The last thing I expected was what I actually received, an album that sounds as though it could have been written, at various points, by Paul Simon, Seals and Crofts, or Natalie Merchant.  I’m not in any way suggesting that Wilson & Wakeman advertised falsely.  Frankly, I’m sure I just missed some memo, here or there.  It wouldn’t be the first time my 50-year old spaciness got the best of me.  Additionally, Wilson & Wakeman are each too earnest to be deceptive.

And, that’s the best place to start an actual review of this rather beautiful album.  The album is raw, earnest, sincere, heartfelt, and, from a prog perspective, absolutely minimalist.  Vocals and piano dominate this album, with only the odd strings, backup vocals, and drums coming in from time to time.

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