Past Gravity from Echolyn, by Echolyn


From their eponymous titled album released earlier this year, this is a spontaneous blog following the posting of a Youtube link by a few other Echolyn admirers. This is not only my favourite track from the album but it is also one of my favourite tracks of all time. For me there are few songs through which I have had an IMMEDIATE and TOTAL connection. I am not usually a lyrics/song-orientated person as I like getting lost in very long instrumental tracks (typically prog but also classical or jazz). Sometimes I find lyrics (or more to the point singing, particularly bad singing) act as an obstacle to my enjoyment of the quality of the musicianship. However, there is no doubt that a song containing  a combination of wonderful lyrics, a great voice and superb melodies and musicianship is difficult to beat.

When I first heard Past Gravity it literally sent shivers down my spine, in fact my whole body. The lyrics evoked memories and feelings within me that rarely surface. In fact when I listen, especially as the singing reaches a crescendo, I am usually welling up with tears. From the very first line I was hooked….’Love is a ghost in a room when she has turned away into the empty night’…. How many of us have felt this in our lifetime I wonder?

This song transcends music, it is pure beauty. If you haven’t heard it then I really hope you will enjoy it, and if you have, then listen again!

Here is a link below to a live studio version with guest Francis Dunnery.

Better still buy the complete album. It is my pick of the year.

And please find below the full lyrics:

Love is a ghost in a room
when she has turned away into the empty night.
Love will make you wait to be found. It carries you home.

On her island there is no horizon line,
only endless sea going up, becoming sky.

Who is the shadow in the corner of her eye?
It speaks in a language of smoke and pale heavy air.

It says, “Lover, you are tired and falling, crawling.”
It says, “Lover, you are alone in misery.”
For you are a blur, disconnected in memory.
And everything you carry weighs on you like misery.

She’d love to fly but the sky don’t care.
She’d love to fly but the sky won’t hold her.

From a great height, she falls past gravity,
through the blue of the sea,
to the island she’s made.
She waits.

The little girl wonder, like spring and all is splendor,
has caught a ride to yesterday.
They’ve been shepherded on home.
Lover, where have you gone?
Have you gone?

5 thoughts on “Past Gravity from Echolyn, by Echolyn

  1. Nick

    I’ve heard great things about this echolyn album. I’ve been reluctant to dive in because my Top 5 of 2012 seems to have stabilised now and I fear this album might mess all of that up!

    Not sure how much longer I can resist temptation, though…



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