Änglagård — Viljans Öga

Ken DiTomaso from the prog rock band Paper House nails it in his review of Änglagård’s Viljans Öga over at The Daily Vault, where the album made his 2012 End-of-Year List:

Returning after a twenty year break, Änglagård doesn’t skip a beat. This is an album of lengthy instrumental progressive rock that refuses to be modern in any way. Flute, mellotron, hammond organ, and more make this feel like it came straight out of a bygone era. The mood is dark and chilly, but less in a creepy Halloween way and more in a long winter’s night way. It sounds almost exactly like their original output twenty years ago, to the extent that I’d bet some people probably wouldn’t be able to guess which songs were produced then and now if they were all shuffled up. That lack of originality might be a downside to some but it was never what the band was about in the first place, and when it comes to recreating ‘70s prog bliss, they still can’t be beat.

Guitarist Jonas Engdegård tells you how to pronounce the track names here.

1. Ur Vilande
2. Sorgmantel
3. Snårdom
4. Längtans Klocka

2 thoughts on “Änglagård — Viljans Öga

  1. Frank

    Sad to hear that the drummer has left-I think Mattias Olsson is one of the most inventive in progressive music. The Progressivears discussion on the internal discord in the band has been enlightening. A talented group for sure, now carrying on with the original guitarist and a new drummer.



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