Let’s bring the prog back!


“Let’s bring the prog back!”

That’s the rallying cry at the end of the new Sound of Contact email newsletter.

If you sign up for their mailing list, you will get a link to a free download of the instrumental version of “All Worlds, All Times.”

Here’s the close of the newsletter, with the rallying cry:

We’ve been promising you something good for free and now it’s here. The first of many cool things you’ll be able to hear about and receive just by being part of SOC’s mailing list. Previously unreleased, this instrumental version of part 4 of the song Mobius Slip is more like its original state when it was improvised in the studio and recorded in just a few takes. The band was jamming on the part 2 and 3 sections of the song when they just kept going and part 4 “All Worlds All Times” was created spontaneously. Dave Kerzner’s 2 minute+ keyboard solo at the end was also done in one take. This is SOC “in the zone” exploding with raw emotion and their progressive rock influences shining through. You can hear the intricate interplay between the guitar, keys and Simon’s distinct drumming. Lyrics were later written to this section to wrap up the story of the album. But the instrumental version has a life all its own. This is a gift to Sound of Contact fans and a big thank you for your support!
Note: Please don’t share the song with others or upload it to YouTube or anywhere on line. We ask you to simply tell anyone you know who might like it to sign up for our newsletter and they will be able to receive this song and more in the future. A big thanks from the band! Let’s bring the prog back!


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