The Enemy Inside: Outside the USA

A big thanks to Kevin Williams for his first listen (and heads up) to the new Dream Theater: “The Enemy Inside”.

The new track debuted over at, but if (like me) you are located in Canada, the streaming from SoundCloud will not work at that link.

So, over at the Dream Theater Facebook page, there is a link that takes you to a localized stream for non-USA countries:

That link didn’t work for me (I got a “404 Not Found—The requested resource was not found” message), but I did track down the track for Canadian playback over here: Dream Theater – “The Enemy Inside” [Song Stream] [Exclusive Canadian Premiere].

The track is awesome. You’ll want to read Kevin’s excellent “first listen” review, to compare notes. Be sure also to listen to “On the Backs of Angels” at the same time, to compare your listening experience with his assessment:

The chorus is soaring – a perfect counterpoint to the thunderous verse sections – and it immediately grabbed me in the same way that “On The Backs Of Angels” did from “ADTOE.” It’s then followed by a keyboard riff very reminiscent of a run from “ADTOE.”

We’re looking forward to September 24!

One thought on “The Enemy Inside: Outside the USA

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