First Prog Obsession

No surprise that for Dream Theater‘s John Petrucci it was Rush:

What was the first band you obsessed over?
Probably Rush. I started to get turned on to a bunch of different bands when I was in middle school/high school. I was turned onto The Who and Black Sabbath and Yes, and stuff like that. But Rush I obsessed over. I wanted to have every album. I wanted to know storylines, read all the lyrics, learn the songs and everything. So that was definitely the first one.

Was it with 2112?
Well, I first got turned on to them with Hemispheres. Songs from Moving Pictures were on the radio, but I didn’t really follow it. A friend of mine who was really into them was like, “Oh, you gotta listen to this song.” That’s where it all started.

Rush are my biggest influence and favorite band”;

to this day, I apply all of this information to my own style

One thought on “First Prog Obsession

  1. Kevin Williams

    Rush was my first prog obsession, too. I’d love to write about that someday but I’m not sure words could do justice to how my earth moved the first time I heard “Tom sawyer” spill out of a pair of stereo speakers.



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