The Prog-Rock Orchestra

Jason Warburg has an excellent review of Full Power over at The Daily Vault.

I really love how he starts it off:

I remember when an album was much more than just a collection of songs. Those old LPs, with their gatefold covers and thick booklets of detailed liner notes, were gateways into alternate realities, with artwork and presentation that enveloped the listener in a new experience, propelling you down the rabbit-hole.

Big Big Train remembers that feeling, too.

In fact, remembering is at the core of Big Big Train’s very identity …

And later on Jason makes an interesting observation about BBT’s orchestral arrangements:

Big Big Train often feels like a prog-rock orchestra even when the brass and strings are absent. There is a density of sound, sophistication and seriousness of purpose here that can only be achieved with careful attention to every detail of each arrangement and performance.

One thought on “The Prog-Rock Orchestra

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