Dodson and Fogg…new album out soon

The Call

Chris Wade aka Dodson & Fogg is a prolific folk/psych-folk songwriter known to us lot on Progarchy. His second (or is it third?!) album of the year titled ‘ The Call’ is out soon and is available for pre-order here:

and one of the tracks is now available on Youtube here:

Chris reckons this is his best yet and includes a number of new contributors including Chloe Herrington from Knifeworld on sax.

Chris is a bit of a polymath, being a writer as well. He’s penned a number of short surreal comedies and band biographies. This year alone he has published books on The Incredible String Band and, more recently, Black Sabbath, which I happen to have lying next to me at the moment !

Everything is available on Chris’s website here:

so check it out and support a talented artist.


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