10 thoughts on “Totally Unprofessional Video Review #5: Gazpacho, NIGHT

  1. pkliesch

    Nice job, Brad! Listening to Night right now on Spotify. So far, so good. This is the second band I’ve checked out based off of your reviews. The first being Flower Kings 🙂


      1. pkliesch

        Thanks Brad! Let me know if Rob reached out to you regarding our new song that accompanies the digital download.
        Flower Kings – I’m listening to the most popular songs by listen count on Spotify, so I haven’t really digested an album in its entirety yet. You posted something recently on FB about What If God Is Alone. I’ve given it several listens and I think it is an absolutely fantastic song. I’m liking their other stuff, but this track is definitely top notch.


  2. Another great review Brad and yes like you I am/was put off by the name, so I’m off to check them out now..
    By the way, Great presentation, Very smooth. Unless there are tons of edit.
    Yes…we want the Brads Bloopers reel before Christmas…


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