Top 29 Prog Songs, 2008-2013

Sketch of Bassett by the wonderful and captivating Anne-Catherine de Froidmont.
Sketch of John Bassett of Kingbathmat by the wonderful and captivating Anne-Catherine de Froidmont.

A friend recently told me that nothing gets more hits on a webpage than a “top ten” list.  I had no idea.  For a brief moment, I thought, “well, let’s do a whole series, then!”  But, of course, we wouldn’t be prog lovers if we merely went for quantity.  We love quantity only when it’s full of quality.  You know, a 22-minute Big Big Train song, the kind of song that forces a non-prog friend to say to me, “Birzer, I had no idea when I started the song that I’d missed dinner.”

Ok, before I start sound like a really long refrigerator magnet. . . my top 29 prog songs of the past five years.  It’s the best I could do and still feel as though I possess some integrity.

My only rules.  1) The song had to appear in the last five years for the first time.  And, 2) I wouldn’t repeat any band’s appearance in the list.  In alphabetical order:

  • Anathema “Universal”
  • Ayreon “The Sixth Extinction”
  • Big Big Train “The Underfall Yard”
  • Cailyn “Nocturne”
  • Coheed and Cambria “In Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth: 3”
  • Coralspin “Sons of the Sleeping Giant”
  • Cosmograph “The Man Left in Space”
  • Days Between Stations “Eggshell Man”
  • The Fierce and the Dead “Part 1”
  • Flower Kings “Tower ONE”
  • Frost* “Wonderland”
  • John Galgano, “1000”
  • Gazpacho “Tick Tock (Part II)
  • Glass Hammer “If the Stars”
  • I and Thou “Hide and Seek”
  • IZZ “Can’t Feel the Earth, Part II”
  • Kingbathmat “Kubrick Moon”
  • Leah “Northern Edge”
  • Neal Morse “Time Changer”
  • No-Man “Truenorth”
  • Nosound “Winter Will Come”
  • Oceansize “Trail of Fire”
  • Reasoning “A Musing Dream”
  • Riverside “Escalator Shrine”
  • Rush “Clockwork Angels”
  • Sanguine Hum “The Trial”
  • The Tangent “Where are They Now” (Going Off the Two Version)
  • Tin Spirits “Broken”
  • Tori Amos “Battle of Trees”
  • 3RDegree “The Ones to Follow”

One thought on “Top 29 Prog Songs, 2008-2013

  1. Interesting choice for the 3RDegree cut Brad. One we’ve never played live and just sort of “view” as an album cut-one tangentially related to the themes on the album. While not “hard to play”, it probably didn’t make the set list because we thought beyond it’s layer cake style and 5/8 time signature it was a bit lacking in the “progginess” next to some other cuts on the album-a “concern” only because of our chosen live venues-ones that are prog-centric. There’s some “inside baseball” for you.



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