SAND debuts Today

The cover of the new Sam Healy solo album, SAND.
The cover of the new Sam Healy solo album, SAND.

While my copy hasn’t arrived yet (I’m eagerly awaiting it), Sam Healy’s first solo project, SAND, came out today from Kscope.  iTunes and both have music samples, and I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit.

Healy is the lead singer and main songwriter for the Celtic (Irish and Scottish, I’ve recently discovered) prog group, North Atlantic Oscillation.  I’ve had a chance to correspond a bit with Healy over the past week, and I’ve found him to be as intriguing and intelligent as one would imagine from this deeply talented song writer.  He’s also quite witty.  After I mentioned to him that I was heading to class (western civilization), he reminded me that all would be explained when I came to realize that “Soylent Green is people.”

Thank you, Sam.

For more information, go here:


4 thoughts on “SAND debuts Today

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Eric. Check out Sam’s interview with Billy Reeves (Kscope Podcast 45). Excellent, and there’s quite a bit of SAND on it, plus the interview is fantastic. There’s an especially great moment in which Sam explains why creativity can never be efficient. I loved it.


      1. Eric

        Brad, thanks for the heads up on that interview. Cool to hear more about his creative intentions and methods, plus now three tracks from SAND I’ve heard and thoroughly enjoyed. Great stuff.



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