Brian’s List

This year I have been particularly impressed with records by:
The Tangent x 2
The Fierce and the Dead
von Hertzen Brothers
Spock’s Beard
The Flowerkings
Moon Safari
Glass Hammer
Steven Wilson
Fractal Mirror
Big Big Train
Tom Slatter
Mike Kershaw

And I’m pleased to say that I did art for three of the above releases. Which is nice.

But I’ve been truly excited by an artiste I first heard on Cliff Pearson’s radio show, an American chap by the name of Bryan Scary. A solo performer he also has a band, The Shredding Tears. The name of his debut solo album, confusingly. Flight of the Knife is four years old or so now but I believe it is an art/rock classic that should grace the CD shelves of any self-respecting music fan. He released Daffy’s Elixir last year and to be fair that is almost as good.
If you are after a recent sonic touchstone then I’d have to say the general vibe reminds me of Mega Moon by Moon Safari. It has an operatic, bombastic, vaudevillian quality to it that I find utterly compelling. More melodies than you can shake an incredibly melodic stick at. And superbly crafted pop/rock songs. I would recommend his entire catalogue to everyone but especially those of you who dig ELO, Queen, Genesis, Sparks, Rocky Horror, A.C.T.
Discovering Bryan Scary is my highlight of 2013 in fact.


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