Leah — Otherworld (Best EP of 2013)


My favorite EP of 2013 came from Canada’s Leah, who has transported us again to the Otherworld.

A lot of artists don’t feel constrained by the old “singles and album” format. Because this new era of technology enables and encourages it, we see more and more EPs happening.

There were a lot of great EPs released in 2013, as artists shared their gifts in small bursts of creativity. For example, I really enjoyed the EP releases from Sean KellyHalestorm, Chasing Dragons, Anthrax, and Adrenaline Mob.

Leah released Otherworld on All Hallow’s Eve. I know that Brad and Carl are big fans; so too are Socrates and Count Floyd, who had an interesting discussion about the new EP on Halloween, and here’s a brief excerpt from their dialogue:

Socrates: Thank you for playing your music so loud, Floyd. I am glad that it attracted me inside to your studio, so that I could learn about this amazing Canadian songstress. This EP is one that I will recommend to Plato, and to all my other young friends who enjoy beautiful poetry and inspired artistic craft. I really do love how this EP tells a musical story by moving through five stages, in five tracks. Remarkable!

Count Floyd: What story is that, Socrates? Is it scaaaary?

Socrates: The story of Otherworld, as I understand it, is this:

[1] Being challenged by the difficulties of life (“Shores of Your Lies”);

[2] trying to fight back (“Northern Edge”);

[3] then, after the battle is done, surrendering spiritually to a Higher Power (“Surrounded”), thereby turning the physical defeat into a spiritual victory (hence, the title has a lovely twofold meaning);

[4] then, from this higher vantage point, singing from beyond the grave — to those still alive — about the “Otherworld” — the hope of the resurrection of the dead (“Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep”); and, finally,

[5] a “saving tale” of the sort that Plato tells — a myth that just might shock your soul into taking your life seriously (“Dreamland”).

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