4 thoughts on “Talk Talk SPIRIT OF EDEN (1988): Totally Unprofessional Video Review 11

  1. Kevin Williams

    Nice job, Brad! I’m a relatively recent convert to TT and this, along with “The Colour Of Spring,” were my first two purchases. While I can’t say that I’ve been completely “consumed” by the excellence of SoE – at least not yet – I understand why it receives the high praise it does.

    Watching this group move away from a sound and format that put them atop the charts is truly gutsy; reminds me a bit of Sting moving away from The Police and Mr. Mister going for a highly personal, raw sound following the slickly-produced “Welcome To The Real World,” though “Spirit Of Eden” is a FAR more radical departure.

    High art, to be sure.


  2. Steve Gad

    Great review and spot on sentiment. I’m still in awe of SOE, some 30 years after its release. A lot has been said, written and read about Mark, but I totally identify with him and his ideology. Can you imagine any of today’s ‘bands’ doing anything close to SOE? No? Me neither.
    Live, Talk Talk were amazing and one of only two bands I’ve ever been to see live on two consecutive nights. Mark Hollis, music needs you. More than ever before.

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