Chris McGarel on the new Gazpacho at Onemetal

Demon-300x300Over at Onemetal, the always insightful Chris McGarel has an excellent review of the forthcoming Gazpacho album, DEMON (Kscope).  As far as I know, this is the very first review of the album to appear.

These Norwegian purveyors of chilled and eccentric progressive sounds have long been a well-kept secret. Their unique blend of electronic sounds, insistent Radiohead-inspired minimalist beats, dynamic riffing and European folk instrumentation is cherished by a hardcore (and burgeoning) few. Once heard it is difficult not to fall under its spell. Demon is their eighth album.

Nordic jazz has a long tradition of fusing folksong with a cinematic rendering of the vast wildness of the landscapes into which it was born. Gazpacho’s feet are firmly planted in the rock camp though their music too seems imbued with a cold pastoral majesty while facing outwards, taking influences from ethnic traditions with a global and timeless remit. Thematically they have found another story to tell worthy of their stylistic reach.

To read the rest of this (and you should!), go here:

For a progarchy take on Gazpacho, go here (Birzer) and here (Heter).  Suffice it to state, we’re fans.

4 thoughts on “Chris McGarel on the new Gazpacho at Onemetal

  1. Me, too, Erik. I’ve written to several folks, asking for a review copy. No luck. I’m reminded of some saying. . . “patience is a virtue” or something like this. I was never that virtuous.



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