The Unbreakable Glass Hammer

My copy of Lex Rex, signed by Steve Babb.
My copy of Lex Rex, signed by Steve Babb.

Ode to Echo comes out in two days.  I have yet to hear it, but I love everything Glass Hammer has done thus far.  My words and thoughts regarding one of my favorite bands at Catholic World Report.

A scratchy LP, probably on a phonograph player from the 1930s or so, begins playing and a man clears his throat. Horns and woodwinds slowly swell and unveil, coming into tune in the background, finding a place in the rotating spheres.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this evening’s performance, Babb and Schendel’s musical extravaganza, Lex Rex, a tale of the ancient world. The conductor is ready.  The actors and actresses are all assembled. So, without further ado, Lex Rex.

A gorgeous organ, something straight out of an early Genesis album, is followed by soaring Yes-like guitars. The two syncopate. Drums, voices, and bass join in. So, it begins, and the spheres rotate quickly now.

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