Neil: First the Planning, Then the Magic

rush vault

NEP-2 “Magic happens, but it often requires planning.”

Neil shares his thoughts on touring and motorcycling this month with The BMW Owners News Magazine, called BMW ON, and he sees in motorcycling the perfect foil to drumming.

“For me, the riding time is stimulation,” he tells Don Argento for the piece “Backbeats & Backroads.” “It’s a different kind of concentration and certainly a different kind of responsibility [than drumming]. On stage I feel responsible to a similar degree, but a mistake isn’t going to kill me. There’s a big difference there. I find they complement each other. I notice that when I take a day off the bike, I feel the pain much worse. . . I feel like maybe the vibration is therapy in itself—just being on the bike.”

NEP-1Neil attributes his success to almost two decades of motorcycling between shows to the care he takes to do…

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