Gazpacho Explains the New Album

A note from Thomas Anderson

Hi all connoisseurs and lovers of different music! We are in the happy position of being able to offer you the chance of indulging in the guiltiest pleasure of all for music aficionados. You can now purchase the new Gazpacho album.

It is called Demon and it is a true fully fledged concept album.

Here is the official info on the album:

Demon is inspired by a conversation Thomas had with his father a few years ago where he spoke of a dark force moving through history. During the conversation his father recalled a business visit to Prague in the seventies where he visited the family of some of his hosts.

The family lived in an old apartment, recently renovated after a fire. In the debris, an old manuscript was found. The manuscript was written by a previous resident, for which no records existed other than that his rent had been pre-paid for many years.

Written over two years, the band have described Demon as the ‘most complicated and strange album Gazpacho has ever made’ and whether the manuscript is truly the work of an obsessed madman or an urban legend it has certainly provided the basis for an interesting twist on a concept album. The manuscript contained various ramblings and diagrams which formed the basis of a diary, of sorts, of the man. He claimed to have discovered the source of what he called an evil presence in the world.

This presence, ‘The Demon’, was an actual intelligent will, with no mercy and a desire for bad things to happen. The author wrote as if he had lived for thousands of years stalking this presence and the manuscript contains references to outdated branches of mathematics, pagan religions unknown to the present world and an eyewitness account of the bubonic plague. So crazed were the writings that the document was donated to the Strahov Library in Prague, where it was thought it would be of interest to students of psychiatry.

The thought of this mysterious figure that had lived through the ages, hunting the ‘Demon’, seemed like too good of an idea not to write about. Thomas presented the idea to the band who were just as inspired by the story, and with Jan Henrik, he started writing the lyrics based on what they thought the manuscript would reveal, drawing inspiration from previously ‘discovered’ diaries and manifests.

The story is told in four parts, ending with ‘Death Room’ which are the last words of the unfinished manuscript written just before the disappearance of the unknown writer.

We hope you enjoy it.

Love from all of us, Gazpacho

5 thoughts on “Gazpacho Explains the New Album

  1. Michał

    After a couple of listens I can say that it’s a truly excellent album. The unsettling atmosphere is unmatched and it gets into your head and doesn’t let go. BUT: does anyone else have the feeling that the music never really sets off, so to speak? It sort of creeps and lurks and taunts but never actually leaps out on you? Of course, after I listen to it more, I might take it as it is, but my first impression is of a certain (unnecessary?) tameness.


    1. Michal, excellent observation. I must admit, I find this a part of its charm–there a lot of lingering and very little resolution. Seems like a prelude to something grand. By the way, I’ve set the settings (I think–I’m not great with tech) so that you can always comment without approval. Yours, BB


  2. Michał

    This is actually what I’m hoping for – that I will get past my initial expectations and stop thinking about what this album isn’t. As I have this tendency to be unreasonably sceptical towards albums that are (too) much hyped (yes Kscope! I’m looking at you!), the fact that I instantly liked “Demon” tells me that I shouldn’t complain, just listen.

    Thank you Brad for this change of settings, I might be posting a comment or two on ProgArchy from time to time:)


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