For Neil, Not All Days are Sundays

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neil-snow Neil in his latest blog post talks about the death of his good frend and brother-in-law, Steven Taylor, who had a heart attack last month at age 61. Steven was the older brother of Neil’s first wife, Jackie, and he was instrumental in helping Neil through his grieving after the death of his daughter and Jackie.

Steven Taylor Steven Taylor

“Steven and I shared the worst times in our lives,” Neil says in the post, “Not All Days are Sundays. “When I was at my lowest, Steven was my rock. After the wrench of Jackie’s passing, Steven met me on my Ghost Rider travels to help ‘kill Christmas’ (the worst time of year when your family is shattered)—one year in Belize, with his wife Shelly, the next year pounding through Baja in his father-in-law’s Hummer. A few years later Steven lost his teenage son, Kyle, to stupid cancer, and I was able…

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