S.T. Karnick’s review of Transatlantic’s latest

transatlantic-kaleidoscope-box-set-cddvd-deluxe-edition-11801-MLB20049782288_022014-OOver a decade ago, American cultural critic S.T. Karnick published a seminal piece on progressive rock and its third-wave vitality in the pages of William F. Buckley’s magazine, National Review.  At the time, he noted especially the greatness of Spock’s Beard.

Karnick is always worth reading, but this (below) will be of particular interest to progarchists–a review of the latest Transatlantic album:

Although progressive rock has had a low profile in the music world since the rise of punk and disco in the late ’70s, it’s still very much alive today, even to the point that there are real stars of this musical style. Foremost among these are the members of Transatlantic, and their latest album, Kaleidoscope, is a production worthy of their major talents. Just as a kaleidoscope creates fascinating images by juxtaposing numerous bits of colors and shapes that contrast with one another, Transatlantic’s Kaleidoscope does so with sounds. Ranging from hard rock to classic rock to folk to classical, the sounds on Kaleidoscope shift and recur in patterns of real beauty.

To keep reading (and you should!), go here: http://www.stkarnick.com/blog/post/transatlantics-kaleidoscope-is-classic-progressive-rock

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