Abel Ganz – Finally the wait is almost over….

NEWS: Abel Ganz – New album coming soon…


Anyone who has heard Abel Ganz knows what a special prog band they are. Their last record Shooting Albatross was simply amazing.
These guys from Scotland wouldn’t win prizes for speed but what they do produce is worth the wait, every time!

Lovers of bands like Big Big Train will love this rich and well crafted Prog with a unique flavour of Scotland. The range of instrumentation is to die for! This is the kind of Prog you want!

Like so many bands in this tough music genre they need help to realise the goal and get the music out there. it’s all written but they need preorders and pledges. Please have a look and try some of the music out on the bands website and the Abel Ganz facebook page.
You WONT regret it!

The new album pledge page:

From their last album: Listen-




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