Annual Charity: $20,000 So Far to Drink Wine with Geddy and Alex

rush vault

Grapes Geddy and Alex are once again inviting people to bid on a charity package  to benefit Grapes for Humanity, a charity that funds humanitarian causes around the world. Geddy is on the organization’s Board of Directors and each year he and Alex host an auction called Grapes Under Pressure. The winning bidder this year joins the two of them for breakfast and lunch, tasting wine at a winery near Toronto, and riding a train with them around the Niagara wine region learning about grapes and wine. grapes

From Charity Buzz:

“You and a guest will travel with Lee and Lifeson on a private train to the Niagara winery region outside of Toronto. Your day will include breakfast, picking and learning about grapes, a wine tasting, lunch on the vineyard and a 2-night stay at a Royal York Hotel in Toronto. This package is perfect for wine lovers and fans of RUSH!”


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