Rush, Libertarianism, and Integrity

My good friend Steve Horwitz just sent me a link to this article from the American libertarian magazine, REASON.  Enjoy.

In 1977, I bought my first Rush album. I was 13. The title of the disc was 2112, and the foldout jacket had a very cool and ominous red star on the cover. As soon as I got it home from the store, I carefully placed that vinyl record onto the felt-padded turntable of my parents’ old Motorola console stereo.

The moment I dropped that stylus, and that needle caught the groove, I became obsessed with Rush like only thirteen-year-old boys can get obsessed. I turned up the volume as loud as I thought I could get away with, and I rocked.

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2 thoughts on “Rush, Libertarianism, and Integrity

  1. captainned

    Great piece and, as I read it, I began to wonder if my love for 2112 as a high-school kid was what kickstarted me into the libertarian path I now follow.

    The 16YO daughter is also a fellow Rush fan and both of us are hoping that the next tour comes close enough to Vermont to make a trip possible. I’ve brought daughter to Genesis and The Who; she loved both but really really wants to see Rush.

    FTR, I’ve tried to read Ayn Rand just to figure out where she’s coming from but the density of the prose makes Joyce’s Ulysses seem like a Twitter feed.



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