Mark Judge on Camilla Paglia and Rock’s Poetry

Cultural critic Mark Judge.
Cultural critic Mark Judge.

American cultural critic, Mark Judge, has a great piece on the poetry of current rock and pop music.  In particular, Judge is considering the arguments of another famous critic, Camilla Paglia, the bete noire of feminism in academia.  Enjoy.

It’s not that today’s female pop stars are not feminists. It’s that, like today’s young male pop stars, they’re illiterate. Songwriters are supposed to be poets. But we now have at least one generation of digital-revolution songwriters who know nothing about symbolism, metaphor, word play, and writing about unexpected and diverse topics.

That’s the point that Camille Paglia missed–or at least did not emphasize enough in a very popular recent post in the Hollywood Reporter. Paglia announced that “Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Hollywood are Ruining Woman.” Paglia, who is not known for subtlety, wrote that when she sees today’s young female pop stars it’s like feminism never happened: “we’ve somehow been thrown back to the demure girly-girl days of the white-bread 1950s. It feels positively nightmarish to survivors like me of that rigidly conformist and man-pleasing era, when girls had to be simple, peppy, cheerful and modest.”

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