Kaukasus – ‘I’ (2014) Exciting new debut release.

Fantastic new release
Kaukasus – ‘I’

Out on May 5th
Out on May 5th

From May 5th the new debut album from Scandinavian group ‘Kaukasus‘ is released.
PRESS RELEASE  – Described as “Dark, Nordic progressive rock, with excursions into kraut & art rock”

Scandinavian Prog Rock legends Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (Jaga Jazzist, Motorpsycho), Rhys Marsh (The Autumn Ghost, Opium Cartel) & Mattias Olsson (Änglagård, White Willow) have joined forces as Kaukasus to record and release their outstanding debut album Kaukasus ‘I’ out on Autumsongs Records via Burning Shed on 05 May 2014.

Starting life as an experiment into Krautrock style, the project morphed into a fully fledged and modern sounding dark, Nordic, progressive rock album, with elements and excursions stylistically into Krautrock, art-rock, and world music calling into mind such bands as Japan, Genesis, Can, Brian Eno and early Peter Gabriel.

Kaukasus view themselves as a musical tripod — its weight firmly in the middle, where the three musicians ideas and styles meet, each band member bringing their own signature to the music, from Olsson’s supple and dynamic drumming and Mellotron textures, Marsh’s impassioned vocals and guitar work, to the strange, snakelike and evocative woodwind and synth lines from Einarsen.

‘I’ will be released on Compact Disc, in a mini-LP gatefold sleeve, with artwork by Henning Lindahl on 5th May 2014.


Personally I have found this album to be rather interesting, diverse with a really enjoyable touch of old school rock.

As much as it is described as Nordic it really has a broad range of styles in the sound and particularly I have heard some other elements such as the piano on ‘In The Stillness Of Time’ that reminds me of the same progression in Talk Talk. There is a superb bit of Tangerine Dream in the track ‘Starlit Motion’ – an ambient piece of excellence layered with a Moog from ‘Wish you were here’ to chill out to.

Perhaps even more obscure is the taste of ‘Black‘ via the voice of Colin Vearncombe (80’s kids will know who) on ‘The Witness’.

The final part of the album ‘The Skies Give Meaning’ could be a little Steven Wilson from his early period and yet mixed with U2! 

None of these elements invade the music significantly, they are the salt and pepper seasoning only.
This is a really excellent find and will be one to look out for.

Check out the video of the single ‘Lift the Memory’ which was released on April 7th 2014 and is available on all digital & streaming services.

01. The Ending Of The Open Sky
02. Lift The Memory
03. In The Stillness Of Time
04. Starlit Motion
05. Reptilian
06. The Witness
07. The Skies Give Meaning



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