Iamthemorning ~ A Review

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I am still on holiday and it is still hot. I needed some soothing music to listen to, to while away an afternoon and chose this album by Iamthmorning. It was released last year and I came upon it whist trawling through Bandcamp. Every now and then a little gem comes along when you least expect it and this album is it. How to describe it?  Prog folk mixed with a chamber orchestra mixed with ambient piano and a female vocalist with an amazing …and I do mean amazing voice. They come from St Petersburg and are studying music at the academy there. Marjana Syomkina is the vocalist and Gleb Kolyadin]  plays piano and keyboards. The sound they produce is so simple yet so effective and mesmerizing. They are Russian and yet the vocals sound to me to have an Irish lilt at times. She sings in perfect English with a clear crisp tone that blends in so well with the instrumentation.

Intermission starts with the sound of the seashore and leads into “inside” which builds from piano and vocal to climax with vocals not unlike Tori Amos. ” Burn ” rocks out a little more but then ” Circles” calms it all down sounding like All About Eve. The piano playing throughout is wonderful and the strings add sparkles and can change the mood at a stroke. ” Intermission ii ” is another instrumental piece with a cello taking the lead. Beautiful. ” Weather Changing ” has an eastern vibe with the strings again setting the mood. After a vocal “Intermission iii” we have “Scotland”. Sweet vocals layer on top of a Capercaille type soundscape. This builds and builds to become one of the highlights of the album. “Touching ii ” starts with plucked strings and ends with a string ensemble. Wonderful stuff. The rest of the album contains more of the same. Great piano playing, wonderful strings and a voice I defy you not to fall in love with.

This album is available at bandcamp where you can download for whatever price you choose. Try it…then try and tell me I am wrong.

One thought on “Iamthemorning ~ A Review

  1. What a great album and a really accurate review. Just listened and it sounds brilliant. Lovely vocals and superb arrangements. The tracks `Monsters` and `Burn` are my favourites so far! What a talent!



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