Maja on Music and @ForeverStillDK

Killer Youth currently features a profile of Maja Schønning, the lead singer of Forever Still:

We had the chance to sit down and talk with Maja about why she likes music and she told us,

“My favorite thing about music is the raw and honest emotion. It’s an escape for me, both listening to music and making it. Music allows me to be sucked into a completely different world and just linger there.

Creating music is an outlet for all my fears, all my insecurities and it’s the way I heal myself. Music keeps you company when you have no one else, and now I’m able to bring that comfort to other people, which is truly a blessing.”

Figuring out that it was more important to be happy rather than safe was a big part for Maja deciding to pursue a career in music. From her statement above you can see that music is what makes her truly happy in life but there was still a moment when she was at a crossroads with her career. When we asked her why she decided to become a musician she said,

“I became a musician because I needed it, and because it made me feel whole and alive. I was always taught that I should take the safe road, get an education and a safety net, but I realized that it would never make me truly happy.”

Read more at Killer Youth.



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