Believe Again – new material from Yes

A track from the forthcoming Yes album, ‘Heaven & Earth’ has appeared on Soundcloud. I think it sounds interesting, and it’s growing on me with each listen.

Find it here:

[UPDATE: It looks as though Yes management removed the song.  Apparently, it wasn’t supposed to be uploaded yet.–ed., Brad Birzer]

[UPDATE: Yes management has now created this page for providing audio excerpts: –ed., The Dr.]

[UPDATE: Excerpt of Believe Again and full lyrics now available at –ed., John Simms 6/13/14]

7 thoughts on “Believe Again – new material from Yes

  1. Heard the song yesterday, very very laid back, a rating out of 10 about a 3, now as it’s the first
    track from their forthcoming album let’s hope the music rocks out. If the music is similar to the first song / sample it would sound too pedestrian for my tastes, but we shall wait and see.


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