Voyager — V Preview


Here’s the key excerpt from the interesting review by Steel Druhm of the new Voyager disc, V:

They have a very distinctive sound and approach to power-prog and their ear for melody and hooks is second only to Anubis Gate. Naturally, as the release of grew near I became giddy like a school girl at a Justin Bieber kissing booth. Now I’ve spent some serious time with V  and it actually comes close to my high expectations…at first. This is really a tale of two albums: the first half is one slick, smooth, memorable song after another, but the second half drops way off, becoming far more pedestrian and unremarkable. V also sacrifices heaviness for more poppish melodies and their musical palette seems less diverse than before, but when it works, it works very well. Unfortunately, that’s only about 60% of the time here.

Read more over at Angry Metal Guy.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I do think the back half of V is pretty darn great!

Read more about the awesomeness of Anubis Gate here at Progarchy.


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