Review: Little Sparrow – ‘Wishing Tree’ (2014)

Something new, yet something familiar…

It’s a given that many progressive rock fans grew up on a diet of the beautiful, quirky songs of Kate Bush through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, many of whom will have probably paid out massively to see her on her upcoming tour in the UK, such is the lasting love for her unique, beautiful sound.

If you are a fan of that sound or indeed that of other singers such as Tori Amos then there is a strong likelihood you will find something exciting and new, yet familiar and classic about ‘Little Sparrow‘.

Electric, yet acoustic...
Electrifying, yet acoustic…

Hailing from London originally and now Manchester, UK, Little Sparrow, aka Katie Ware, has been slowing but surely burning a slow course to stardom with her own delicate, acoustic style which reflects some influence and character from the likes of Bush and Amos but also some of the sound of the lesser known ‘All About Eve‘ from the late 90’s.

Little Sparrow represents her own acoustic folk styling that may at first glance appear to be one singer in a well subscribed genre, there are many bars and clubs around the world with talented female singers all armed with a Dreadnought and a Capo. But it’s worth taking the time to hear the ones that stand out from the rest and Ware is a great example of that.

Her debut release, ‘Wishing Tree’ comes on a wave of growing appreciation for her infectious songs and captivating presence and the recognition from the national press and beyond has started to propel her towards the kind of success she deserves.

Mixing emotional charge and thought provoking themes, Ware impresses with her lyrical subtlety and her cleverness. Frequently there is a delicious ambiguity to her songs, ‘Sending a message’ is a wonderfully moving piece that stands as a song of deep yearning love and also a question about modern communication and the loss to us that it brings in our everyday lives. Musically there is a simplicity to the songs’ design which helps deliver the honesty in the pieces. Without clutter the potency is truly realised and this also allows for Ware’s impressive voice to shine brightly.

Songs like ‘Polly’, ‘The Hunted’ and ‘Wishing Tree’ are all delivered with the same charm and excellence. ‘Polly’ particularly shines with its pulsing beat and vocal layering and is a contender for the strongest track on the album. Without doubt, after hearing it, the pull to hear more takes over and leaves one wondering why an artist of this calibre is still an unknown.

On the strength of this debut, there is a clear case for success and acclaim. For those fans already listening to Little Sparrow, they are surely practicing their “I told you so” responses.

Little Sparrow – Wishing Tree (2014) UK

Wishing Tree (2014)
Wishing Tree (2014)


1.Polly 04:13
2.By My Side 05:09
3.The Flame 04:31
4.Wishing Tree 02:57
5.Sending The Message 04:34
6.Struck Gold 04:14
7.I Found A Way 03:07
8.The Hunted (A Bears Tale) 04:56
9.Heart 04:38
10.The Swallow Flies 03:03



Listen to the album for free at:

Little Sparrow Homepage:


7 thoughts on “Review: Little Sparrow – ‘Wishing Tree’ (2014)

  1. carleolson

    Have now listened to it five times. Incredible debut. Really remarkable. Hints of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Co., but uniquely her own. One of my favorite albums of 2014 so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Superb. I saw her live for the first time at her album launch and her performance was spellbinding. I understood what so many people had been saying about her. Thanks for giving it a go, Katie I understand was thrilled.


    2. shay

      Hi Carl
      So pleased to hear that you are enjoying the album and the sound of my great friend Little Sparrow.
      She is delighted at both the review and your reaction to it and we are always thrilled to have a the chance to reach out to new followers of her music.
      Best wishes,
      Shay @ Little Sparrow HQ

      Liked by 1 person


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