Prog Magazine Wants You to List Your Top 10 Prog Albums Ever

Progarchist and quasi-Kiwi Russell Clarke receives his copy and is quite elated.
Progarchist and quasi-Kiwi Russell Clarke receives his copy and is quite elated.

Mastereditor Jerry Ewing has asked all good people to list their ten favorite prog albums of all time and submit them to PROG by July 4.  Jerry, I assume is thinking about the American founding.  Ha.  Well, probably not.

So, all time?  Back to Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys?  Without giving any real thought to the parameters, I jotted down my favorite albums.  I followed only three rules: no duplication of bands; listing them in alphabetical order; and writing down what immediately came to my mind.

So, please consider this tentative at best.  And, of course, subject to revision.

For Jerry Ewing: My Top (10) Prog Albums—EVER.

  • Ayreon, Universal Migrator
  • Cosmograf, Capacitor
  • Flower Kings, Space Revolver
  • Gazpacho, Night
  • Genesis, Selling England by the Pound
  • Glass Hammer, Inconsolable Secret
  • Kansas, Leftoverture
  • Nosound, Lightdark
  • Porcupine Tree, Fear of a Blank Planet
  • Riverside, Second Life Syndrome
  • Rush, 2112
  • Talk Talk, Spirit of Eden
  • The Reasoning, Dark Angel
  • The Tangent, Down and Out in Paris
  • Yes, Close to the Edge

20 thoughts on “Prog Magazine Wants You to List Your Top 10 Prog Albums Ever

  1. Frank Urbaniak

    Typical Brad, it says10, you posted 16. 10 is way harder than 16 :). I also would not include any CD released in the past month as I am often enamored by new music, but quickly tire of it. Not to say Capacitor won’t hold up but that is still to be determine.d

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  2. ok here goes

    Aerie Faerie Nonsense The Enid
    Shadowlands Glass Hammer
    Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Genesis
    V Spocks Beard
    Relayer Yes
    Modern Masquerade Fruupp
    Testimony neal morse
    Six wives Rick Wakeman
    Be good to yourself at least once a day Man
    Fish out of water Chris squire
    Voyage of the Acolyte Steve Hackett

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  3. Dave, what a great list. It tells me a lot about you. I would’ve gone next to anything Matt Stevens does as well as Neal Morse. Great list. I am a bit surprised, as I assumed Brits would find Neal Morse lyrics too offputting.


  4. carleolson

    Well, this should get me fired!

    “The Tide, The Thief & River’s End” by Caligula’s Horse
    “Images and Words” by Dream Theater
    “Wounded” by Enchant
    “Song for America“ (and “In The Spirit of Things”) by Kansas
    “Thrak” by King Crimson
    “Black Holes And Revelations” by Muse
    “Remedy Lane” by Pain of Salvation
    “Queen II” by Queen
    “Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep” by Spock’s Beard
    “Fragile” by Yes

    Of course, if I consider Muse “prog” (they are “prog-gish”), I really should toss in “OK Computer” by Radiohead (one of my Top 10 Regardless of Genre), “faith hope love” by King’s X, and “Superunknown” by Soundgarden. My sneaky pick, however, is “Queen II”, which really is quite proggy–and brilliantly whacky!

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  6. Mike

    Porcupine Tree-Deadwing
    Dream Theater-Scenes From a Memory
    Pink Floyd- Darkside of the Moon
    Tool- Lateralus
    Rush- 2112
    Spock’s Beard- The Light
    Coheed & Cambria – Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Vol 1
    Mars Volta- Frances the Mute
    Opeth- Blackwater Park


  7. Love it. It’s great, Jon. Also, so glad you liked Anathema Weather Systems. Whatever misgivings I have about the new album, my love of the previous albums is pretty much unqualified.


  8. Jon Luker

    I just realized that my “top of the head” list was by band and my go-to from each. I’ll leave it as such, and add a few more, since you listed sixteen. I’ll leave my list at a lucky 13.

    Dream Theater – Scenes from a Memory
    Echolyn – Suffocating the Bloom
    Supertramp – Breakfast in America


  9. I am not sure which of these count as prog exactly. But I’ll give ‘er a shot:

    Cardiacs – Sing to God
    Yes – Close to the Edge
    Magma – Live/Hhai
    Van der Graaf Generator – Godbluff
    Todd Rundgren – A Wizard, a True Star
    Ween – The Mollusk
    Echolyn – Cowboy Poems Free
    Ruins – Hyderomastgroningem
    Gentle Giant – In a Glass House
    Koenjihyakkei – II (Ni)


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