Live in Langley: Double concert with singer-songwriter Kathleen Claire @DeAngelisEnt and musical duo A Guy and A Girl @GuynGirl

A Guy and A Girl

Always support your local musicians. Go see their concerts as often as you can.

There’s nothing quite like hearing live music. Nothing can replace the unique and unrepeatable experience of talented artists sharing their gifts in concert.

Last night I had the chance to hear a wonderful double concert in Langley, British Columbia, at St. Nic’s which showcased musicians I have known from their past presence on the local campus here at TWU. It’s so great to see them now play live in concert.

The first half of the evening featured singer-songwriter Kathleen Claire, now visiting from out-of-town. Hearing Kathleen Claire’s voice live in concert is an amazing experience. She has such a delicate and dynamic range of vocal stylings, she sounds different from song to song, and she even does unexpected things within a single song to change things up and to surprise and delight. The intimate rapport that a singer-songwriter and her guitar can establish with an audience will always be something special to the live concert, and Kathleen seizes upon all of the genre’s possibilities. Kathleen played a perfectly paced set that included an impressively diverse sampling of her own songs, with even two brilliant covers thrown into the mix — CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” and Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us” — which she transformed in very interesting ways to make them a part of her musical universe. Kathleen released her debut album a couple of years ago and is currently working on her next one with a UK record company.

Kathleen Claire

The second half of the evening featured local singing sensation A Guy and A Girl. Jesse LeBlanc and Kathleen Dunn have been playing concerts together for three months now and they have a lot of people excited with their musical chemistry. They took top prize in a local talent contest, and I am sure we will be hearing more from them as they continue to share their infectious love of music. Their set featured a whole lot of fun, including a lot of joking around between numbers, and they took great pleasure in getting the audience involved in their hijinks as well, encouraging everybody to sing along at a number of points in the evening. Early on, Jesse introduced a song he wrote by saying that people should sing along if they know it, but then apologized that because he wrote it nobody had heard it yet and nobody would know it. Later in the evening, however, audience members could be heard singing along to real musical opportunities that the duo provided for full participation. With Kathleen on keyboard and Jesse on guitar, A Guy and A Girl combine two quite different voices into one musical experience and it is always a pleasure to hear them singing beautiful harmonies. They bring a lot of energy and excitement to their music, which ranges from the quiet and introspective to the revved-up and percussion-enhanced celebratory sing-alongs.

A Guy and A Girl

Support your talented local musicians. Always go see their hometown concerts and buy their music online. Thanks to digital downloads, you too can share in the magic while hoping that they will some day come to your own town on tour:

Kathleen Dunn, Two Hearts

Kathleen Claire, Lyrics of a Woman

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