Johnny Unicorn – Far from Imaginary

Johnny’s new album is a thing of wonder and amazement
and I’m only truly one track in. It is called Angels in the Oort Cloud and I urge everyone to go buy it right now. If you liked the recent Knifeworld record, which is very good I grant you but by no extent of the imagination great then you’ll adore this. For great it is.
File the first tune, Angels, in the OMG section of your brain nuggets such is the depth, breadth and eclecticism on offer.
There’s Mellotron too, which is always a bonus. What you get here is melodic, yet powerful and challenging as Johnny manages to blend a sound like no other you’ll hear all year I’m sure. Trumpets, flamenco, heavy alt-riffage, soaring symphonic moments that Yes would give their eye teeth for, this has it all. And more. I haven’t had chance to listen properly to the whole album as yet but have been playing the heck out of this 16 minute long beastie for a while now.
I’ve been a fan for a while too, and have enjoyed and own a number of Johnny’s earlier albums. With each new release I have become correspondingly just that little bit more impressed with this dude’s work.
Apologies for the lack of formatting, pictures, links and whatnot but I’m doing this on the phone. Just wanted to capture some initial thoughts on the album.
Spinning the last track, Inertia now and hearing it for the first time. Clocking in at over eight minutes it bookends the album with the 16 minute long Angels you have just read me raving about.
Emotional, wrought vocals and lovely acoustic out Coldplays Coldplay to start with. But then trapping your finger in the fridge door or sticking pins in your eyes is preferable to listening to those whiny millionaires go on about how horrid their lives are. This right here is art. This is beauty, this is truth. It is true. It builds and builds like a great big buildy thing. Lovely female background vocals too and I’m not normally a great fan of those. Flute and soaring electric guitar give way to the acoustic which picks up the pace as the flute returns, raising a huge smile on the face of this Jethro Tull fan at least. The climactic, emotional last bit will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. If it doesn’t then you’re probably dead.
Marvellous stuff.

Now, my pretties, fly fly fly. And buy buy buy.


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