Advice From The Strawbs


As I watch the political ads attempting to convince each Connecticut resident who the “right” choice for governor is, I cannot help but think of this brilliant song by The Strawbs, a band I have enjoyed for a few years now. “Mind of My Own,” not surprisingly, urges people to think for themselves, a skill which seems to be in short supply these days. I especially recommend playing this song out loud (or at least in your head) if you ever find yourself surrounded by a group of Republicans or Democrats. Now, if only this song could be heard by every American…

2 thoughts on “Advice From The Strawbs

  1. bryanmorey94

    Thanks a lot Connor for disturbing my lunch with that picture of Billary. Quite offensive. Now let’s listen to “Part of the Union” while we sign Nation Right to Work Petitions. And in Illinois, the local Chicago news people have been setting aside news segments to feature our current democratic governor – not in the ads, in the news itself. Unbelievable. Ok, I’ll shut up and go away now. :p



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