One thought on “The University of Rush

  1. Drew

    Haha,I saw someone “comment” at the bottom of this article,saying that receiving a Degree from “Tiffin-University”,is enough to employ You at the counter of your local fast-food service!!! LOL. WHILE I don’t neccessarily DISAGREE with that assessment (since I once lived up in the “Northern” part of this state),I DO think that creating a course with “RUSH” being it’s main focal-point,is an EXCELLENT-IDEA and I believe ALL Universities should require this very SAME COURSE across this country!!! Yes………SOME may think it’s “ridiculous” to hold an entire college-course based ONLY on Prog-rock Music,BUT……as this article already STATES…… involves so much MORE THAN THAT as well!!! Afterall…..Learning is LEARNING…….despite what that Learning involves!!! I can guarantee that each and every student that TAKES this course,will walk-away thinking “THAT was THE BEST taste of “Learning” I have EVER RECEIVED!!! ” LONG-LIVE “RUSH”!!!



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