New Book: Rush: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Excellence

rush vault

I had a great time over the last four years writing Rush:Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Excellence, my book about Rush from Algora Publishing in New York City. Thanks to the work of lots of other people, including Chris McDonald and Durrell Bowman, whose books and Ph.D. dissertations paved the way for many of us who spend a lot of time thinking about the band’s music, I found lots of great work to draw on. The one thing that was missing, in my view, was an overarching narrative that put everything the band has done under a single, unifying theme. It was my intention to do that in my book by showing how all of the band’s music can be understood as an expression of classical liberalism rooted in Aristotelian individualism. Thanks to Ed Stenger of RushIsABand for writing the foreword and to John Patuto of Cygnus X-I

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