New Rush Book No Longer Sold Out

Definitely a must own.

rush vault


Thanks for the big show of support for my book, Rush: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Excellence. The book has been listed as sold out on Amazon, but as of today the site says it’s in stock. The book was released on Monday, and it’s gratifying to see interest in it among fans of the band.

The book is my effort to show that Rush’s music is unique in just how consistent it holds to a few philosophical moral principles. Starting with the band’s bold statements in “Anthem” and “Something for Nothing” and ending with the 12 chapters of Clockwork Angels, the band over its 40 years has built virtually every piece it’s written on a bedrock of Aristotelian virtue ethics. This idea isn’t unique to me. Several of the contributors to Rush and Philosophy, which came out in 2011, talk about the Aristotelian connection in the…

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