District 97 preview

Attention all Progarchists! Time Lord relays and endorses the following message to you all:

Hi everyone,

We’re delighted to give you a sneak peak at a track from our upcoming 3rd studio album. The song is called Takeover, and was filmed on June 12, 2014 at Martyrs’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCyjk-g5T48. Please share this video!

If you’d like to hear this and the rest of our new music on a new album, please consider contributing to our Kickstarter, which launches August 25th!

Kickstarter Launch Shows
In celebration of the Kickstarter Launch, we’ll be playing some live shows. There are 2 confirmed so far, with more to be added:

Thursday, 8/28 @ Double Door
Chicago, IL
w/The Chinese Professionals, Riddle House
8 PM, tickets at http://www.doubledoor.com/event/648139-district-97-chicago/

Friday, 9/5 @ Q-Bar
Darien, IL

Other News
Chicago is getting its very own Progfest this October! We’re really happy to be playing alongside bands such as Spock’s Beard, Stick Men, Richard Sinclair and many more. Join us for what should be an amazing weekend:

2105 S State St, Chicago, IL 60616
tickets at http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/631771

Thanks for your support everyone!

Jonathan & District 97

One thought on “District 97 preview

  1. bryanmorey94

    I would love to go to this “Progtoberfest” but there are several reasons why I can’t/won’t.

    1. It is 21 and over. (I’m 20.) In the words of Jerry Seinfeld… “Quite lame.”

    2. It is in a total ghetto. You could not pay me to go to that area of Chicago.

    I don’t know who planned this event, but they obviously aren’t from Chicago. The type of people who live in that area do not listen to prog. Have this kind of event out in the suburbs, not the south side of Chicago. Incredible. And 21 and over?! Really? Losers. I was just whining earlier today about how we never get prog festivals in this country, and then when there finally is one, I can’t go without making a fake ID and risking my very life. Obviously, these bands don’t want my money. Ok, rant over.



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