On the Channel Islands, Neil Peart Wrestles with Determinism

rush vault

Mu Inspiration Point My Inspiration Point

neil- Neil’s Inspiration Point

Neil has updated his blog with a post about two adventures he took earlier this summer to the Channel Islands, which are about a dozen miles off the Southern California coast. The post, called “Magnetic Mirages,” caught my attention because I had been to the Channel Islands myself at around the same time, and although our paths didn’t cross, I was interested to compare his notes with my own.

His adventures were a little more . . . adventurous, to say the least, since he got there by hitching a ride on the boat of his motorcycle buddy and security chief, Michael, while I just hopped on a tour boat. And he went to four of the eight islands, and I only went to one, Anacapa. (See “Inspiration Point” pictures.)

Neil's lens Neil’s lighthouse lens

My lens My lighthouse lens

Comparing notes was interesting but what caught…

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