Review: Violent Attitude If Noticed – Eight

Violent Attitude If Noticed - Eight

Hailing from Sao Paolo, Brazilian progressive rock quintet Violent Attitude If Noticed (abbreviated V.A.I.N.) is one of the most refreshing bands coming from South America. Formed in 2008, the group has ever since then released on EP and three full-length records. Their newest studio album is titled “Eight” and it brings, as the title suggests, eight new songs. Compared to their previous works, “Eight” is the band’s most ambitious recording to date, and is a bold statement of where the band is at the present time.

V.A.I.N. adds the “post” tag to their progressive rock, the songs on “Eight” are atmospheric, yet there is a classic progressive rock construction threaded to the album’s backbone. The album effectively channels musical influences taken from Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Nick Cave and Godflesh into a sufficiently original concoction. On the other side, the band mentions Edgar Allan Poe as one of the influences on the album’s lyrical compound.

The album kicks off fittingly with “Just Another Day“, an emotional and varied composition that ultimately sets the pace for the rest of the record. Dark, doomy atmosphere is threaded throughout the whole album. The same vibe is present on the following, title song which occasionally opens by employment of the acoustic guitar. Other gems include a tranquil “Alone Again,” which includes a guest appearance by Cleo, pessimistically named “Tomorrow Won’t Come,” and intricate and diverse “Salvation.”

All in all, “Eight” has a lot of masterfully crafted elements, yet it’s plain and simple. It is a fairly good accomplishment for the band. With this album under their belt, Violent Attitude If Noticed introduce themselves with confidence and complexity, and it will be interesting to hear what they do next.

Listen to “Eight” or buy it from Bandcamp.

Track listing:

1. Just Another Day 05:05
2. Eight 05:41
3. Delirium 03:59
4. Alone Again 06:16
5. Tomorrow Won’t Happen 03:54
6. Handle With Care 07:07
7. A Tree Tall Enough 05:01
8. Salvation 06:34

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