Tears for Fears on Jimmy Kimmel

Looks like Nick D’Virgilio got to spend his 46th birthday live on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, playing with Tears for Fears.  TFF is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their pop-prog masterpiece, Songs from the Big Chair.  Roland’s voice sounds off to me, but Curt is in great form.  Definitely worth watching.

2 thoughts on “Tears for Fears on Jimmy Kimmel

  1. Completely didn’t realize that Nick was there!

    It always surprises me that, as creative as Roland is, that he hasn’t put out more music over the years. I really like the direction he took Tears For Fears when they split up with Elemental and Raul and the Kinds of Spain, and his solo album Tomcats Screaming Outside was pretty unique. I feel like there has to be more there.


  2. Kevin Williams

    Roland wasn’t on form. Having seen them a couple years ago in Napa, I can say for that show it was the other way around…Curt was WAY out of tune the entire night. I kept asking my friend if it was me; he assured me it wasn’t.

    That aside, having been born a few hours before Nick – we compared notes about this at a TFF gig in 2004 – I can say he had the better birthday activity last night. 🙂



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