A new Steely Dan album?

Something Else has constructed a new Steely Dan album that is eminently worth investigating:

Making a new Steely Dan album wouldn’t be that hard for them to do. Yeah, yeah, they do fuss over the recording process a lot in the studio, but we get the notion that they love to do that, anyway. And it’s not as if they even need to finish up those old songs from the mid-eighties, there are enough completed or near-completed tunes that are up to par to make up a complete album. Steely Dan devotees S. Victor Aaron, Preston Frazier and John Lawler humbly offer up a suggested song line-up that they could bring into the studio for a new Steely Dan album, culled from outtakes, live-only songs and one famous erasure. Click on the song titles to find the full story on these forgotten tunes.

Click on the link to Something Else and check it out.

H/T: Edward Feser


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