Ascending Dawn — “All in Now” from the album Coalesce by @AscendingDawn

The album Coalesce has been two years in the making. And it sure does show. Skilled attention to detail and an intense musical intelligence shines forth on this album.

Nine tracks of ambient prog metal awesomeness are kicked off by “All in Now,” which is available here as a free download.

The band comments on the track:

Pummeling riffs and soaring ambient lines are complemented by clean melodies and harmonic backings, defining our signature sound.

Lyrically, “All in Now” delves into our current state of worldly affairs; how we connect through the intangible web of communication, watching our spiritual awareness expand with the overflow of information.

Here’s a guide to the lyrics:

Verse 1
Multiplying the social
Connectivity wires us together
Questioning all the doubtful
Intertwining the need for the censor

Breathe in to allow
Impulsive pure presence
All in now
All in now
Emotive pure essence

Verse 2
Uncertain futuristic
Ideology, transient moments
All experience is cyclic
Periodically forced to torment

All In Now

Written by: Mark Weatherley and Marlain Angelides
Arranged by: Ascending Dawn
Ascending Dawn are: Constanze Hart, Mark Weatherley, Owen Rees, Marlain Angelides


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