Transatlantic — Kaleidoscope (Best Prog Albums of 2014 — Part 1)

My Top Ten Prog Albums of 2014 began in January with Transatlantic’s Kaleidoscope. As I listened to it, I knew that this was instantly one of the best albums of this year — or of any other year. “Shine” and “Beyond the Sun” are for me the two lesser transition tracks, coming as they do between the prog epicness of “Into the Blue” and “Black as the Sky” and “Kaleidoscope.” But it’s all together a perfectly realized whole, and I cannot describe how much enjoyment I derived from listening to this album this year. It’s a spectacularly ecstatic prog experience with endless streams of happiness.

The band also blew our minds by adding an extra disc of cover tunes. My favorite on it became their cover of “And You and I,” which you think it would be impossible to cover, but hey — Transatlantic specializes in the musically impossible. They incarnate musical excellence at every turn, so give this extra disc a spin too and celebrate the prog renaissance year of 2014.

Stay tuned, dear Progarchists, as I complete my Top Ten Prog Albums of 2014 over the next nine days. This Kaleidoscope is just the first entry.

Then, when I am done, I will also reveal a bonus Top Ten list of Top Ten Rock Albums of 2014 — stuff that wasn’t proggy enough for my main list, but which is still exemplary and thereby ended up being listened to by me in heavy rotation nonetheless over the course of the year.

2 thoughts on “Transatlantic — Kaleidoscope (Best Prog Albums of 2014 — Part 1)

  1. Bryan Morey

    Fantastic album, as was the accompanying live album that was released a few months ago. One of the best live albums I have heard in a while, and the audio quality was excellent.


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