An Interview with Classical Guitarist and Progger Kevin McCormick

kevinmccormickandrachelm_largeProgarchy’s Kevin McCormick’s latest CD, In Dulci Jubilo, is an album dedicated to Advent and Christmas.  I also had the grand privilege of interviewing him at The Imaginative Conservative:

Christmas music turned out to be a perfect fit for our collaboration as father and daughter, guitarist and vocalist. It had the personal aspect that I was looking for and a collaborative component that was intriguing. I really was not sure how it would work out, but I had great confidence in Rachel’s abilities. We have a similar musical sense, so I knew we could work well together. By the time we began the recording Rachel was fifteen and really starting to blossom as a singer, but not with the heaviness that can sometimes be the soprano sound. She was at a unique moment between childhood and womanhood and I thought it would be a great time to capture that. At that point the time just seemed right for us to make the recording and I knew that my other projects could wait, whereas this one could not.

For the full interview, please go her:

To order Kevin’s CD, go here.

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