The Return!

Photo on 11-15-14 at 12.59 PM #4
Me, with my favorite book of poetry, 2014.

I hope this isn’t obnoxious. . . but I want to let every progarchist (writer and reader) know that I’m very, very happy to return to the actual day-to-day editing of progarchy, along with Chris and Carl.  I’m sorry I had to fade out of the scene for past few months, but I was really overwhelmed with work and family matters.  Nothing is wrong–in fact, everything is going extremely well at work and with family.  But, there was just too much to do for a bit there, and I let events overwhelm me.  All has passed, and my life has calmed down.

And, now that all has returned to normal, I realize just how much progarchy means to me.

A huge thanks to Carl and Chris, my co-founders, for being patient with me, and for welcoming me back as an equal.  So, as of December 27, we’re back to mutual editorial duties, though Chris said I can keep the title “Founding Father.”  Granted, I’m no George Washington. . . but, I’m more than happy to have the accolade.

But, seriously, I hope you all (all y’all in Texas) realize how much I love this website and what it stands for.  And, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in just a little over two years.

As I see it, sites like progarchy match the current music scene very well.  Just as record labels are failing as the market continues to decentralize through the web, so I hope those establishment rags–such as Rolling Stone and NME–fall big time.  This is the time of the entrepreneur and artist, not the time of the corporatized and tapioca-addled propagandist.

For all intents and purposes, WE ARE THE NEIL PEART generation, and we offer whatever nasty gesture we can at the establishment that has done so much to promote conformity rather than excellence.

Let us never sell our dreams for small desires!

4 thoughts on “The Return!

  1. As Usual Brad……….You swept me into your “web” from the very FIRST sentence,and then…………Summed it up PERFECTLY near the end!!! I’ve continued to become a fan of your writings,and don’t see that ending,anytime soon!!! 😉 Well done Sir.



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