The Final Moments of Rush 1.0: Driven

Test for Echo (1996), the final album of Rush 1.0.
Test for Echo (1996), the final album of Rush 1.0.

Growing up in the 1980s, I was certainly well aware of MTV.  I assume many of us here at progarchy were.

Now, music videos are more or less a thing of the past, but I still love this Rush video.  Seems like they perfected the art just as it was dying.

Of course, tragedy would strike Rush very quickly after this, and Rush 2.0 wouldn’t emerge until 2002.

With one day left in 2014, enjoy this great video from 18. . . almost 19. . . years ago.  Ridley Scott meets Monty Python.

3 thoughts on “The Final Moments of Rush 1.0: Driven

  1. Ugh,your SO RIGHT Brad!!! I so MISS the days of Video-music!!! THOSE were the days!!! The “rare” times (even back THEN) when I’d possibly Catch a “RUSH” video being on!!! That was worth it right there!!! But yes,as SOON as Rush became comfortable enough to really stretch their wings on video-making…………..BAM…………that was pretty much the END of it!!! Thank-Goodness for YouTube!!! Haha. As I can quickly look up ANY video EVER MADE by Rush,in a matter of seconds,to arouse my “time-travels” whenever I choose!!! Thanks for posting this one Brad!!! 🙂

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  2. Bryan Morey

    I’m way too young to remember MTV actually being about music, but back around 2007 or so (before I was even in high school), I remember a tv station in Chicago, that I believe was affiliated with WGN, that played classic rock music videos 24-7. If you were lucky you could catch a Rush or Eric Clapton video while flipping channels, but they would also play anything from Blondie to Red Hot Chili Peppers. All in all, it was a pretty awesome channel, and I don’t know whatever happened to it. Just disappeared one day.

    The closest I’ve seen (this year) to a music video similar to this Rush video is the one made for Vanden Plas’ “Godmaker.” The video was very well made and produced, and I wish they would make a whole movie out of the album.

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  3. Wow,Your making ME feel OLD Bryan!!! (and that hardly EVER happens by ANYONE!!! LOL.) Especially,since I was there,in my girlfriends living-room EAGERLY waiting for the “START” of this new channel,called “MTV” to debut back in August of 1981! I was there to watch the beginning of the “MTV-Generation” with the playing of the very first music-video by the Buggles called “Video Killed the radio-star”! Feels so long ago,but then again,it really doesn’t!!! Lol.

    Anyway,I’m glad to hear that younger people,such as yourself Bryan,were able to ALSO enjoy a bit of “video” history later on. Great times indeed. 🙂

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