Album Review: Rush Presto on SACD

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In the annuls of Rush history, Presto feels like one of a couple of forgotten albums. It drops right in between what many consider the end of the keyboard era and the start of the return to a more straight approach to rock music. However, the keyboards are not absent on Presto and in fact work really well and help elevate this album to being one of the band’s best.

Presto, released in 1989, is Rush’s 12th studio album and eighth to receive the expensive (at least to the buyer) re-mastered treatment – available this week. It’s the fourth release in the Super Audio CD format by Audio Fidelity. It’s also the third Rush studio album recorded in the DDD format – digital recording, digital mixing and digital transfer. It’s hard to argue a case for an overhaul but it worked well with Counterparts  and Hemispheres

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3 thoughts on “Album Review: Rush Presto on SACD

  1. yes,Yes,YES!!! I’m SO FINALLY GLAD that this album FINALLY gets it’s come-uppance!!! Ironically,despite me having listened to Rush years before I could actually CALL myself or consider myself a “Rush-fan”……..(meaning,that whenever I’d hear a song from them,I’d always listen,but was never much tempted to read UP on them,search for earlier-albums,etc.),1989 was the STAND-OUT YEAR when I finally layed all my cards on the table (PUN-INTENDED,i.e.”Presto”) and saw them twice during their “Presto” tour and walked away EACH TIME,with both AMAZEMENT and almost a “Lust” to start an “Obsession” with them!!! LOL. (I think the beginning of that,was felt during the first time I saw them live in concert in 87′ during their Hold-Your-Fire tour) But during their “Presto” tour,there wasn’t a day that didn’t PASS,that I wasn’t listening to one or ALL songs off that album!!! So to me,I believe I’m the most “connected” to this particular album,as it opened the blinds for my “RUSHDOM”!!! Lol. 😉

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      1. I completely agree with You on that one Brad!!! However,being Native-American…….I’m more in favor of the Wonderful analogies and the intrinsic metaphors used in the lyrics of “Warpaint” and “Scars”!!! I suppose I have more of a “fondness” for those songs than any other of that album,as those two tend to “speak” to me more directly!!! I DO understand what your saying about the last 3 on this album though!!! Anyone who’s ever thought those songs are “throwaway” songs,and were intentionally placed near the “end” of this album for that reason,is SORELY mistaken indeed!!! Lol. Haha,and your very welcome on the thoughts/memories!!! That’s what I’m hear for!!! 😉



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